Saturday, 13 September 2014

The One & Only

Kneel before it, and pray to you're gods so you might have a chance to meet it, for this is...the one...the only... FRANCESINHA!
It's one of the most popular northern Portuguese delights, and people fight to have the best recipe. Overall it's nothing more than a complex sandwich, with melted cheese on top and if you desire a sun side up egg. French fries, and of course the thing that makes it a Francesinha, the sauce. And it's that sauce that is so delicious and makes you come back, it's the tenderness of the meat, and all the goodness put together, that makes the ultimate sandwich/meal. This particular francesinha is from Ze.Come, in Vila Real, but the most popular in the country are the ones from Porto. I don't like them, personally. But that's a personal choice of taste. Try them and then decide. You might find that you don't like it at first, but when you find a special one, you won't want to leave.

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